Tzimmis o Xondros

If you like a meal where your table will be just above the sea, to see the fish swimming among the boats of the port, then the city's waterfront in the picturesque lighthouse, there is a tavern "Jimmis o Xondros" that makes you unique dining pleasure!
Fresh fish, seafood, ouzo, meat stews and time and all kinds of local specialties ... composed, with wonderful views of the harbor, a puzzle delights definitely worth trying. 

O Diavlos

What first attracts the eye in this unique ouzerie set in a lofty, wood-beamed building is the artwork lining the walls. Monthly exhibits show off local artist's works, which diners can purchase; might the next Theophilos be discovered here? However, aside from being an art lover, Diavlos owner Panayiotis Molyviatis crafts what might just be the most satisfying and nourishing mezedhes in all of Lesvos.


Avlaki Restaurant near Petra is a nice little restaurant and should not be missed if you are staying in Petra or Anaxos. From Petra you can walk along the beach in the direction of Anaxos or look for a sign from the road on the right. You have to go through the grounds of a hotel to get to the restaurant but once you do there is a view of Molyvos and Turkey and excellent food.


Taste wonderful recipes, either under the pergola or the special area that we have made by the sea.


Located on a hilltop in the shadow of the Genoese castle, the jewel of the village. After visiting the castle, come to the only restaurant located in this fantastic area and admire the stunning panoramic view! Sit and relax. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner or quench your thirst with a cool refreshment in a traditional family restaurant located only few meters from the Castle. You will love the stunning view of the stone houses, as a waterfall that coming down the hill to meet the picturesque harbor.

Let your eyes travel to the shores of the Aegean, between land and sea and be lost in the deep blue. 


Fresh fish, seafood, ouzo, meat stews and time and all kinds of local specialties ... composed, with wonderful views of the sea, a puzzle delights definitely worth trying.


At Soulatso you can find fresh fish, shrimp, sardines, delicious red-mullet, tuna and swordfish. Like many places in Lesvos, the restaurants take pride in their sardeles pastes as well as their lakerda pastes and gavros all caught locally.

Sappho & Neraida

Sappho & Neraida offers a family tavern which is open all day, from the morning serving breakfast, throughout the remainder of the day for fresh fish and traditional cuisine.


Restaurant Aphrodite just above the waves of the most beautiful beaches and you can enjoy dishes that contain mysterious flavors from the East.
Unique traditional dishes and cooked dishes, fresh fish, seafood and meats, organic vegetables and salads, all fresh and cooked with care and supervision of Mamas Maritsas... and of coarse with our extra virgin olive oil we produce.


“To Paramythi” is one of the oldest taverns in town that welcomes you in a friendly, new place by the sea. Your lunch or dinner becomes a real pleasure not only because of the well-known, unparallel, delicious recipes, but also because of the view over the vast blue sea of the Aegean.  Fresh fish or meat dishes accompanied by the drink of your liking constitute the main reasons why it is worth choosing “To Paramythi” for a day or night out.


At a small distance from Kalloni there is a cool, refreshing oasis of pleasure. Combine swimming and viewing over the sea with a delicious meal at Iliotropio café restaurant in Parakila. The low prices of fish and meat dishes, the excellent service and, most of all, the amazing environment are only few of the reasons that make Iliotropio a unique and wonderful destination. 


Special dishes, traditional cooking and ouzo Plomariou with the view of the sea.


The oldest of these fish restaurants and is run by Panayotis and his family who immigrated to the island in 1922. They serve excellent fresh grilled fish and meats as well as ouzo mezedes includingfried shrimp. Or if you are like me you will go to Karnayo, simply because there is a beautiful blond waitress and end up discovering something called pastourmatiki, which is a bourekaki (stuffed-deep-fried-bread) with pastourma and melted cheese and one of my new favorite dishes. 


Fresh fish and local meat, together with traditional ouzo . You can find all those tastes at the greek tavern Ermis at Plomari Lesvou.

Lionas, Agioi anargiroi

At Asomato you can find the small cafe Lionas.You can taste local products from Lesvo.


You can choose from 36 tastes the best you like. Staff of Paratairon try to do the best for the people to have a good time.


In the city center, just meters from the waterfront, in the shade of the trees (in summer) of the largest park of Mytilene, the Park St. Irene, is the Cafe Bar Restaurant "The Park".
Sitting under the large pergolas one can enjoy coffee, juices, ice creams, sweets, drinks and fine food dishes. The comfortable interior space on two levels, combining simplicity with the luxury and is ideal for romantic dinners by candlelight. The choices a lot of fine cuisine.


Eucalyptus has been operating in Panagiouda since 1995.Our many years of success in the food service are proof of our professionalism, consistency and above all quality and low prices. Eucalyptus is situated next to spacious parking in the centre of the village next to the next to the beautiful small harbor.


Leaving Mytilene on the way to the airport following the road up towards “Kayani”, we come across the Temple of “Taksiarhes”, which conveys wonder and respect. The view here is breathtaking. The natural environment creates peace and serenity. Very near the church of “Taksiarhes” we find “Antonis”. An old café of the settlement, with its high balcony which gives the impression of a gallery, has been operating for three generation in a traditional environment. It is ideal for family moments or friendly company and has had devoted visitors for many years.


At tavern Bereket you can find the best quality of food at the lowest prices. All tastes are cooked by Maria.


Tavari beach just below Mesotopos is one of the oldest taverns in the area the "Mourayio."

Right next to the beach enjoy your food for lunch and dinner in our cool courtyard. The friendly atmosphere and fast service are some of the reasons why you should choose the Mourayio.


In the harbor of Skala Sikamia will find Anemoessa. You can enjoy homemade cuisine, traditional food and a great variety of fresh fish and seafood.

Nick will cater your every culinary need, taste and very cheap prices.