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The Offshore Sailing Club of Lesvos (OSCL) was founded back in 1993 and has as a main goal the promotion of sailing all around the island of Lesvos. The club has quite a number of offshore vessels as well as a growing number of dinghies such as optimist, laser, 420 etc. Overall it is fair to say that the club has a significant presence in sport sailing events in Greece and abroad.

Βreez - Water sports

Water skiing and lessons, bicycles, canoes, tubes, bananas, fly fish, wind surf, the boat trips to neighboring beaches.


In the area of Neapoli there is a modern tennis center with four cushion courts and three green set. You can contact us for tennis court reservations.


If you enjoy motorcycling , in the island, you can find many members of the three active motorcycling clubs. They can inform you about current activities or anything else you need.

Toumpa Eco Farm

On the top of the mountain near Plomari on Lesvos is Toumba. It is a very special place and has one of the finest views in the whole of the Eastern Aegean. From the mountain you can see the coastline, Turky and Chios. There are also horses, olive trees and a taverne.

Mytilene Air Club

Mytilene Air Club is handling under license the flight line, radio service, structures, safety security as well as fire protection, assigning the airport to the general, and  sporting as well.  Also you can experience stunning views of the island's landscapes and a professional flight training.

Agios Dimitrios

Just outside Agiassos on the way to Polichnitos is a place called Agios Dimitrios. It’s an inviting place to stop and sample the homemade spoon-sweets made by a grandmother, mother and her daughters – three generations serving tradition. Continuing on your drive you come to the famous Tsingos springs. From there turn left at the fork of Megali Limni and take road that goes to the summit of Mt. Olympos, where you’ll find half the island at your feet.
To reach hillside Agiassos, you’ll pass through the most densely forested part of the island and across ravines, gullies and streams. There, you’ll also find an ancient trail with lush vegetation, which, if you enjoy hiking, will take you up to Olympos.


Milies is a nearly deserted village at the top of the mountain. Several years ago, an idealistic local resident began a program of volunteer tourism that has breathed new life into the village. This is an excellent starting point for excursions into the mountains, hikes along the trails, free camping, or a stay in one of the renovated houses. Ask for Kostas Moukas, the heart and soul of the village.
If you encounter the old granny who lives in the “rag-house,” take a look inside her remarkable shack, which is covered from top to bottom in rags and cloths. Until a few years ago she was the village’s sole inhabitant. Nowadays in the summer you’re sure to find some locals returning from the big city to enjoy their holidays in the fresh air.
Your route next leads to an enormous olive grove and a marvelous view. At a crossroad you’ll see a sign to Kournela. Don’t miss out on seeing this virtually deserted village, perched like an eagle’s nest on the mountainside, with its olive trees, olive oil presses, wooden balconies, large terracotta storage jars, overgrown gardens and kalderimia all ravaged by time. These villages literally hang facing one another and have breathtaking views of the valley. The hamlet of Kournela was recently purchased by a private entrepreneur who plans to restore the entire village to attract visitors into the mountains of Lesvos.

Scuba Diving

Lesvos island is renowned for its unique beaches where you can explore to explore the underwater world of treasures seen by precious few.


Unquestionably, the major spot for birdwatching throughout the year is Alyki in Agia Paraskevi, where the Municipality has erected an observation post. The importance of the place is evidenced by large numbers of birdwatchers who regularly gather here. These visitors come to Lesvos, mostly in the spring (from mid April to late May), to observe the summer migration of birds from Africa, where they have spent the winter, to Europe, where they will arrive to reproduce in the spring and summer.

Polichnitos Hot Springs

Upon leaving Polichnitos on the way to Vatera, take the side road to the hot spring facilities. Numerous mineral springs bubble up through porous volcanic protogenic and secondary rock. One of the hottest springs in Europe, the temperature of the water here ranges from 67° C to 92° C (the temperature in the baths is between 42° C and 44° C) and is enriched with a natural radioactivity of 15-25 MACHE units. The saline spa is on a par with Wiesbaden in Germany.The Polichnitos hot springs were used during the Ottoman Occupation, but only two pools have been in use since 1959.

Temperature: 42° C
Radioactivity: 1.6 - 6 units
Open all year

Therma on Yera Bay

(10th klm on the Mytilene – Kalloni road)

These are the island’s leading thermal baths with visitors in excess of 10,000 annually. The water gushes from marble spouts into two separate tanks (men’s and women’s), creating a natural hydro-massage. The ideal temperature makes for extraordinarily pleasurable bathing. Be sure to take advantage of the relaxing massage from the magic hands of Mayia.

On the roof you’ll find a snack bar and restaurant with a panoramic view of the bay.

Temperature: 40° C
Radioactivity: 1.8 units
Open all year

Man Katsa Waterfalls

Just 1500m from the intersection Pedi - Aspropotamos and 30 km north of Mytilini on the way to Mantamados, you come across “Lakos Mankatsa” or the Mankatsa Ditch  waterfall.The waterfall is 12 meters high with a 1-1.5m deep pit.
The huge dark rocks stand at a height of between 15-20m. An inspiring sight that leaves you in awe while from a distance the landscape looks so calm.

The Chestnut Tree Forest in Agiassos

An exciting trail with one of the most beautiful routes on the island begins at the Apesos quarter and ascends southward along the stream. You’ll pass through a chestnut grove alongside the gushing waters. After encountering chapels, farm houses, pine trees and gullies, you can then take the road to Megalohori, the old capital of Plomari. If you visit in October, in addition to the stunning route with its view of the Bay of Yera, you’ll be able to sample the most delicious chestnuts you’ve ever tasted.


Located in the mountains, this traditional “hanging” village has two churches and the rock of Ai Yiorgi. With tavernas in the square serving scrumptious meat dishes and mezes, it’s the perfect choice, winter or summer alike. The view of Petra is striking and the Ligonas ravine, with 20 abandoned watermills, holly-oaks, pear trees, wild shrubbery and ancient cobbled path, is unbeatable for walking.